Our audience...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's always like this.. it's always been like this, and as far as I can imagine.. it probably will remain like this... Me being tired from the trip from lahore.. but overly happy and excited about meeting my buddies and really really anxious about doing the show.. Me and my gang gettin together a couple of hours before the show.. getting bits and pieces together.. doing one final practice round along side catching up with each other... Inspite of doing many many successful shows.. me being nervous minutes before the show.. thinking if the crowd will find resonance with the frequency of my humor or not... puttin up a brave face and telling fellow performers that this time would be the best show ever... Cheers! laughter! applause! giggles! and a warm welcoming feedback from an always wonderful crowd. The show being over and an awesome awesome feeling of pulling off a good show yet again. Shaking hands with the crowd.. ensuring we make more and more friends each and everytime.. thanking them for coming, and wishing they would always always be around.. safe, happy, and appreciative of the beauty of life... Indeed, it's always been like this for as long as I remember, It's always like that, and I truly wish.. It would always stay that way.

Show Fore...SCORE!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hey everyone!

Another show, another success, all thanks to you. Even though we performed the night when Stereo Nation as well as Rosen were performing, we had a full house. The credit really goes to our media sponsors, TV One and Radio One for keeping Islamabad informed of our activities. We had an amazing audience who thoroughly enjoyed the show and we had great feedback.

This show was a bit retro as well as new age in a way. This time around, we didn't try anything new but brought back all our old hits. Whose line, living scenery, sound effects, scenes from a hat, change and many more. We had a really great "change" this time around. I could literally see some audience members fall off the chairs laughing. Well maybe not actually FALL OFF but reeeeal close!

Our latest additions to the troupe, Sly and Black, YESS....that is what they are called! If you must know they are actually major celebrities that can't use their real name for fear of the paparazzi flooding in. (alas...the vanity). Both did wonderfully well with only a couple of weeks practice. Even tho this was their first time, they have all the gave can give us a run for our comedian dollars.

We have so much fun preparing for and doing these shows that it hardly seems like work. That really is what improv is all about. Its more than just performing arts or comedy. It just make your life, a whole lot more fun. :-)

Show Fore...

Monday, May 25, 2009

It finally went down i.e. the show we (the cast and hopefully some followers) have all been so hyped up about. Lets see... what did happen?

It was a blast. Amazing. Our quirky cast did quite some justice with every situation provided. On the contrary, the crowd was amazing, quirky themselves at times, and completely supportive. We've had shows before that even I haven't attended but watched recently our own Party Quirks channel, and trust me, this was a show that topped off the rest. Supposedly, all those practice sessions are finally materializing. There was a not-so-slight temperature problem due to malfunction in the air conditioning but once the show started, it was highly regretted. The problem was peacefully solved by the high spirited crowd and amazing performances making it practically perfect. But still, sorry guys. We'll try not to leave ANY loose ends in the next show. :)

Back to the performances...

Ovais, Jawwad, and Fahad, the great witted gurus of our Imporv show were just out there. Everything was perfectly executed with the highest aptitude within fractions of seconds to think. Its amazing how fast the human brain can work. They are the most senior people of the crazy world of Improv at least in this city and most probably in this country. Always supportive and ready to give their best. Ovais was hosting the show and has a talent of involving the crowd in the show and waking the sleepy ones as soon as it starts rolling. As always, he gave it his best and hit the mark every time. Jawwad, who is our imported Improviser, tends to touch entirely new levels of performance when he's not all quite (the rest of the time) and being the sober uncle character he is. Its as if this guy is absorbing all the energy he can till a point when it is entirely converted to quirkiness and explodes like a volcano. Lastly and equally important is Fahad, who came all the way from Lahore the same day and despite lacking completely in practice, pulled out a performance that was extremely unbelievable. It was naturally done as if he was born to quirk. All three have exceptional talents and have delivered more than what was expected and deserve a standing ovation. *clap clap clap*

There were also two new Quirkers in this show. It was Black and my own good self. Well, about the performances...

Being a musician and performing regularly before an audience, Black was a natural. He came, he saw, he conquered. It was an not just an exceptionally amazing performance, moreover, a 'debut gone wild.' The darkness shined bright illuminating everything around it. On the other hand, I had my own performance (yes yes, I tried performing too). Keeping in mind the bone chilling looks of the crowd and this being my first time, lets just give some credit and say it was a satisfactory performance. Oh what the hell, I sucked. I sucked big time. To hell with that. Its a team game right? What matters here is that the show was a hit. I've discovered a way to rid the butterflies phase and go head on (no, literally) into the situation with the help of my buddies/mentors today. I'm sure I'll do better next time. Till then I have my buddies to cover my ass. Perfect.

On a more serious note, about the show; if you missed it, its sad. If you didn't; well that's self explanatory. Don't worry people, you'll see more of us soon, especially a lot of Ovais (sorry dude, it was just too tempting). So keep reading and we'll let you know when we're going to dig in your pockets (not too deep) again.

Signing off.

Hello blog world of Improv...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

*drums rolling*

"Ola! Few fellow readers of The Party Quirks Blog!!"

*clap clap clap clap*

Well first of all, let me introduce myself. I am Sylvester. I like to be called that because I am really fond of the character from the Warner Brothers cartoon and not the witless Rambo dude. When needed, I will be referred to as 'Sly,' its quicker to say, saves time, energy, and saliva. You know how crucial saliva is to us human beings.

Original members of 'The Party Quirks' have recruited. Yes that's right. Someone finally showed up. That's not all my fellow 'blog readers with nothing else to do,' they have recruited two new members. I'll state the obvious by saying that one of them is me. The other member, or shall we call him, 'member-ain,' is our own Mr. Black. You'll find out why he's called what he's called once you see our show.

Oh, which reminds me. It has been noticed that our very own Mr. Ovais as been on a tight schedule telling people about our next show and creating awareness all over the city for the sake of our good 'ol Improv that he must have missed out the blog update on it. Well, no harm done. I'll do it for him, after all we're all a team now and have to each put in all our efforts. So here goes:

Ladies and Gentlemen!!
The Party Quirks, Islamabad's very own Improv Troupe is at it again. We plan to tickle your senses with Improv Comedy Night.

Unscripted, Uncensored and Unedited.

The seating opens at 7:30 pm and show starts at 8:00 pm sharp. (Lets try and stay on schedule)

Tickets are Rs. 150/- per person. Tickets are available at Civil Junction. (It'll be worth it)

Media Partners for this event are TV One and Radio 1 (YES! We're gonna be famous!!)

Phew! Black and I are making our first appearances on this show and we hope you like it. As far as Jawwad and Ovais are concerned, they have been mentors and have been working hard to train us in this specific field of entertainment. Hope you like it.

Done for now. Catch you all later.

The Party Quirks - Sharing a laugh

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Party Quirks, Islamabad's very own comedy group have been performing in Islamabad for over 4 years now.

With a fair amount of success, and support of all our fans, we have been able to raise a lot of awareness about improv and having tremendous fun along the way.

The country, as well as the world is going through a tough phase. There's little to see beyond security concerns and financial downturn. In a situation like this, we do our best to bring laughter and joy to the Islamabad folk. It is needed now more than ever to be strong and keep our solidarity. It doesn't matter how tough things get, or how bad the situation is, we can always get together and share a laugh.

That is what me, and the Party Quirks promise you. A great time, no matter how bad the times get. :-)

Be safe and be good.

Why Improv!

The question for the ages! Why improv! Of all the forms of entertainment, theatre and comedy, why Improv?

During my fair stint at various art forms including theatre, radio and television, I realize that even though a certain skill set is being challenged, there is little I can use in my everyday life. To me, the worst part about getting on stage is.....getting off! Because you have to detach yourself from the character that you worked so hard for.

Improvisation ,however, is not just an art form. Improvisation is a crucial part of our lives. All of us improvise at one point or another, knowingly or unknowingly. Every time these two magical words "What if...." come to your mind, you are riding the improv wagon.

Do you remember that state of mind you sometimes have? When your wits are razor sharp, your reflexes are feline fast and you feel like a perfectly tuned instrument ready to melt faces? How would you like to harness that state of mind, and apply it to the most challenging and stressful situations of daily life, work and business? To race forward when others break down? To turn disastrous circumstances into successes? This is where Improv comes in.

Improv is simple, fun and extremely productive. It polishes your wit, betters your reflexes, makes you spontaneous and provides an creative channel to release all negative energies accumulated repeating our mundane routines. Thus making you a happier, healthier person.

When applied to business groups, it bridges communication gaps, increases employee efficiency and creates a better work environment.

Especially in a country like Pakistan, where there are a lot of reasons to get the negative juices flowing. Improv could do wonders here guys!

And my favourite, it is AWESOME FUN!!

Thats my little take on Improv. I am planning to hold a workshop in Islamabad to explain the importance of improv and how it can improve our everyday functions if applied.

So stay tuned for updates, and keep reading!

Party Quirks Interview on Radio 1

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here you go guys! As promised, the recording of our interview at Radio 1. Thanks to all our fans, and the TV 1/Radio 1 team!

Feel free to throw in your comments!

Party Quirks rock it on Radio 1 FM 91

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So, if you thought we were just gonna lay back and rest after a great show, well.....THINK AGAIN!! The Party Quirks are a;ways afoot! We were called in by the one and only Radio 1 (FM 91) for an interview today. Our loyalty to our fans dragged us to the station and we had a great time.
Funny thing was, fro some strange reason I had totally spaced and thought the show was on Wednesday when it was actually on tuesday, which is today. When Jawad came to pick me up for the interview in the evening, I had no idea what he was on about. Thats when he revealed upon me and I sat there shocked since I felt extremely unprepared. But, we decided to just "improv" it and have fun.
DJ Omaina came to our rescue with an amicable personality and ease of manner and led us right into the show. We talked about our history, our current activities, our training and our experiences in general. She even pulled a fast one and zapped us with a game of Scenes from a Handi. But as our listeners would agree, we came out victorious.

I wish there would have been less advertisements tho, but I guess that is the peril of airing at prime time! Still, our thanks to Omaina for putting up with our antics through the show and during the xtra long ad breaks! ;-)

It was a great experience and I will keep you updated on all our future TV and radio appearences.

Episode III - Mission Accomplished

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Party Quirks partner with TV One and Radio 1 FM to bring Islamabad a night of invariable laughs and cheers.

After a month's absence, the Party Quirks returned in style with the big bang boom of improv bliss.

Civil junction, Islamabad seemed lit up for the occasion as the Party Quirks standies greeted the incoming guests. Their seal of "Laugh Time Guarantee" left little to the imagination.

A Massive backdrop featuring our signature monkey awaited the audiences inside the hall flanked by the TV One Standies! The TV One camera crew set up their apparatus to record the show. This might have the most complicated show in terms of technology. This we realized later in the show, but thats a different story.

The turnout was excellent. We had a wonderful audience from all over the city, the country and YES the world! The crowd enjoyed every bit of the show very tastefully and exhibited complete involvement.

Funny Moments included "Dating Game" (Shown left) where Jawad played a Stand up coming with a failing act.

The audience also enjoyed thoroughly the "Press Conference" where I was supposed to be....listen to this.....Jenniffer Lopez who was admitting having eaten Ben Affleck!! I got it half right!! :-)

All in all , the show went amazingly well. We did encounter a few technical glitches but they were quickly forgotten by the audience amongst roaring laughter.

As the situation of the city and the country stands, everyone has insecurities, fears and apprehensions. We made this show possible to show that no matter how tough things get, we still can get out of the security of our homes, and share a laugh, and our wonderful audience proved us right like they always have before.

With your continued support, and the support of our media partners TV One and Radio 1, we will keep bringing laughter and joy to Islamabad.

Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think of our act. Your advice and comments are highly appreciated.

FM 89 interviews the Party Quirks!

Monday, March 30, 2009

City FM89: City Lounge: Saturday, March 29th, 2009

City FM89 interviews the Party Quirks

Natasha Ejaz interviewed Ovais & Jawad of Party Quirks amidst a mix of retro tracks.

For the first time in Pakistan, improv games were played on radio!

Recording coming soon!